API Reference


The Alert Object

titlestringThe title of the alert.
descriptionstringThe description of the alert.
tag_liststring[]A list of tags.
urgencystringThe urgency of the alert. low|medium|high|critical
statusstringThe current status state of the alert.
source_idstringThe source identifier.
source_typestringThe source model type (usually an Integration or Account User).
source_log_idstringThe Log identifier that created this alert (only when created by an integration).
thirdparty_idstringA unique identifier mapping this to a third party system.
acknowledged_attimestampA timestamp of when the alert was first acknowledged. (Does not get reset if handed off or the alert was routed to multiple teams.)
resolved_attimestampA timestamp of when the alert was resolved.
dedup_keysstring[]Unique identifiers that group alerts within the account.


  • Set the meta.incident to true to flag this alert as an incident.
  • Set the meta.incident_severity to set the severity. SEV-1|SEV-2|SEV-3|SEV-4|SEV-5|SEV-UNKNOWN
  • Set the meta.incident_message to set the special incident message.

Create a Alert

POST https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts

Allowed Parameters

def alert_params
    meta: [
    destination_team_ids: [],
    destination_router_ids: [],
    destination_account_user_ids: []

Required Parameters

  • title
  • urgency
  • at least 1 destination (Team, Router, or Account User)

Retrieve a Alert

GET https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts/:id

Update a Alert

PUT https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts/:id

Delete a Alert

DELETE https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts/:id

List all Alerts

GET https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts

Acknowledge an Alert

Acknowledge an alert. Must be in the open|dropped|suppressed state.

POST https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts/:id/acknowledge

Reject an Alert

Reject an alert. API Key user must have an open workflow for this alert.

POST https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts/:id/reject

Resolve an Alert

Resolve an alert. Must be in the open|dropped|acknowledged state.

POST https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/alerts/:id/resolve
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