API Reference


The Broadcast Object

titlestringThe title of the broadcast.
descriptionstringThe description of the broadcast.
tag_liststring[]A list of tags.
destination_team_idsstring[]An array of Team IDs this broadcast should be sent to.
destination_account_user_idsstring[]An array of User IDs this broadcast should be sent to.
statusstringThe current status state of the broadcast. queued|open|closed|errored
response_requestedbooleanIf a response was requested from the destinations.
response_requested_bytimestampThe deadline of when the destinations have to respond by.
broadcast_response_optionsBroadcastResponseOption[]:id, :value, :position, :broadcast_responses_count
broadcast_responsesBroadcastResponses[]:id, :prefix_id, :account_user_id, :broadcast_response_option_id, :channel, :created_at

Create a Broadcast

POST https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/broadcasts

Allowed Parameters

def broadcast_params
    destination_team_ids: [],
    destination_account_user_ids: [],
    broadcast_response_options_attributes: [

Required Parameters

  • title
  • at least 1 destination (Team or Account User)
  • if response requested, at least 1 response option

Retrieve a Broadcast

GET https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/broadcasts/:id

Update a Broadcast

PUT https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/broadcasts/:id

Delete a Broadcast

DELETE https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/broadcasts/:id

List all Broadcasts

GET https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/broadcasts