API Reference

Escalation Policies

  • Escalation Policies define the rule set of how an Alert moves through a Team's on-call Schedule.
  • Escalation Policies are independent objects. The Team object is responsible for assigning itself a primary Schedule and an Escalation Policy.

The Escalation Policy Object

namestringThe name of the escalation policy. (Required)
repeatintegerThe amount of times to repeat the escalation policy.
reassign_team_idsstring[]An array of Team IDs this escalation reassigns to.
reassign_account_user_idsstring[]An array of Account User IDs this escalation reassigns to.
team_idsstring[]The team IDs currently using this escalation policy.
escalation_layersEscalationLayer[]:account_id, :id, :prefix_id, :layer, :timeout, :timeout_unit, :color_hex

Create a Escalation Policy

POST https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/escalation_policies

Allowed Parameters

def escalation_policy_params
    reassign_team_ids: [],
    reassign_account_user_ids: [],
    escalation_layers_attributes: [

Required Parameters

  • name

Retrieve a Escalation Policies

GET https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/escalation_policies/:id

Update a Escalation Policies

PUT https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/escalation_policies/:id

Delete a Escalation Policies

DELETE https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/escalation_policies/:id

List all Escalation Policies

GET https://api.pagertree.com/api/v4/escalation_policies